1. Western Australian Institute of Technology Act, 1966

As Curtin University celebrates 50 Years of Innovation in 2017, the first post of the Library’s 50 Objects for 50 Years features the Western Australian Institute of Technology Act, 1966.

The Act, No 94 of 1966, to establish and incorporate The Western Australian Institute of Technology and for incidental and other purposes, was assented to on the 12th December 1966.





Prior to the development of online legislation, paper copies of legislation were annotated by cutting and pasting amendments. the Library’s copy of the Act includes cut and paste, and handwritten annotation. The Act is bound in a black binder which includes original copies of subsequent amendment acts and the Western Australian Institute of Technology Statute 1 Common Seal.

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    1. Selby, thank you for your comment. 50 Objects for 50 Years will be exploring unique and significant objects including books, photographs and other items from many of the University Library Special Collections. The photograph you donated, JCPML00417/1, is part of the largest of these collections, the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library collection. We will be featuring a number of these items during the year and hope you continue to follow the blog to discover more about our collections.

  1. With regards to the comment for this item (Item 1), and also with the general information for Item 31 (Alex McCallum’s trowel from the Centenary tree planting ceremony at King’s Park, a commemorative plaque was placed at the base of each red flowering gum planted in the ceremony. All plaques are still in place along Fraser Ave today, with the exception of the one marking the tree planted by SW Munsie, as Minister for Mines and Health (A7).

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